Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More Tattoo Madness

Nothing to do with vegan recipes, but I figured I'd post an update on my tattoo.

The outline took probably hour? A little more? Anyways, you'd think that the further it got to the middle of my chest (less flab-age to cushion the blow) the less painful it would be. Alas, that goddamn tail hurt SO MUCH WORSE than any other spot on the tattoo.

The black shading / blue shading is only part of what needed to be done (I still need the tongue and ears to be pink, the body to be a stony gray, and some lighter blue highlights on the fur) but I was legit about to pass out from the pain so we had to stop.

September 9th I finish all the rest of it. :)

Anyways vegan pals, this place rocks and it's all vegan. And even if it hurt like a bitch, this was totally worth it (and will be totally worth it once it's all done!)


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