Saturday, December 24, 2011

Product Review: HealthForce SuperFoods

So, I have an extreme update to this blog.

I personally no longer follow a vegan diet.

I still fully support vegan diets and I think they kick ass - in fact, I still run on a basically vegan diet but with spatterings of animal protein in there.

This has been the main reason why I haven't been posting on this blog for a while. I felt really out of touch with my ideas on veganism and health, and needed to take some time to analyze how my body was working within the confines of a vegan diet.

Overall, I'd say that my experience as a vegan has taught me the importance of whole grains, a wide variety of vegetables, and the importance of trying new things.

I also have been seeing a nutritionist for the past few months. One of the things she's having me try is this Health Force super foods powder stuff:

I'll be taking a teaspoon of each jar mixed with water every day, for the next few weeks. It tastes like grassy water (which I honestly kind of like) and it's chock FULL of probiotics!

It's a great alternative to a multivitamin since your body processes actually whole foods better than isolated nutrients...and these jars are basically full of ground up foods like spirulina, dulse, wheat grass, basil, goji berry, acai, and SO MANY MORE DELIGHTFUL INGREDIENTS.

Ya'll should try it. :) It's entirely vegan!

I don't know if it will make me feel better over the next few weeks, but we'll see!


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  1. Hey Abbie!

    How about an update on your Healthforce products! I just started Warrior Food Extreme Vanilla, and so far, I like it, and am considering trying other products from Warrior Force.