Monday, May 16, 2011

Chicken Salad (Minus Breakfast Slurpees)

So one of my friends has a lot of stories about "Chicken Salad" - an old coworker who was nasty as HELL. She drank a huge slurpee thing before work every day, she ate food with her fingers...there are more stories about her nast-ness but that's beyond the point.

When I was flipping through Vegan A Go-Go! I came across a faux chicken salad recipe. I laughed my ass off when I remembered Chicken Salad and decided that I must try this recipe, if only because it reminds me of hilarious stories.

Faux Chicken Salad Pg 51

According to the book,this recipe is sure to impress. Therefore, I had high expectations.

First, you're gonna cube the loaf of tempeh, so it's reminiscent of cubes of chicken (gross?)

Then, you're going to steam up the little cubie-pies. I don't have a steamer, so I did this the crude way: put a little water in a shallow pan, let it start to boil, then throw the tempeh into the mix. The water will evaporate and steam up the tempeh.

 While you wait for your cubie-pies to cool, you're gonna make the sauce for the salad fiesta. Mix 1/2 cup of the vegan mayonnaise of your choice, 2 tsp of mustard, and 2 tsp of tamari.

BTdubs: I used dijon mustard because another recipe I want to try called for dijon. I would like to note that I think this MADE the recipe. I can't imagine it with yellow mustard....seems too bland in my imagination.

Then, once your sauce is made, you're gonna dice up a dill pickle, half an onion, some fresh parsley, a garlic clove, and a celery stalk.

 I think this could have done with more celery and less onion, but that's just me. I am also obsessed with celery, and since I used dijon mustard, the onion's bite wasn't as intense. I also didn't have parsley so I used fresh dill instead. Fate? I think so. It was fucking DELIGHTFUL.

So once you're done, you're gonna throw it all together.



This definitely DID impress. I'm bringing this gloriousness into work as a sandwich tomorrow! YUMTASTIC!


Ease of preparation: 5/5 
Seriously could not have been easier. Unless I actually had a steamer. :-]

Deliciousness: 5/5  
AMAZING. Delightful! Absolutely scrumptious. I will probably use this as a staple lunch option from now on. :-]

Prettines: 3/5
With the toast and the arugala, it had a nice little contrast of colors, but other than that it's kind of boring. Chunky stuff in brownish sauce.

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