Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cinnamon Spaghetti Fail

So, I decided to make the weirdest, most potentially gross thing ever from the Cafe Flora Cookbook.

Cinnamon Tomato Sauce Pg 132

I wanted to make this because I have an assload of pasta in my pantry and needed someway to get rid of it.

So, funny story...this recipe requires some red wine. Now, I have never opened a bottle of wine before, but I do have a wine bottle opener. So I was like, dude, how hard can this be? Let's buy some wine and do this!

So I got this wine.

Yes, I'm ridiculous, and I bought wine because it says bastard on it and has a funny picture. Either way, I was excited.

Then what the hell did I do?

I fucking attempted to open the bottle and then broke the wine bottle opener and smacked myself in the face and then made the wine bottle unopenable by getting the metal screw-shaped thing stuck in the cork.

I'm fucking AWESOME.

So eventually I will make this weird tomato sauce when I buy a new wine bottle opener and some new wine. And then I will post a blog about how SUCCESSFUL I was at opening a damn bottle of wine.



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