Saturday, July 2, 2011

Product Review: So Delicious Coconut Milk

So I've decided to add another dimension to my blog: product reviews!

Do you ever go into a grocery store, see something weird-as-hell or super delicious looking or something that seems to fit that gap in your nutrition perfectly?

I do this shit all the time.

So I'm gonna start reviewing things so you guys won't end up buying stuff that seems perfect and later finding out it's gross (like I always do), or so you guys might be veganspired to try something new. ;-]

So we're gonna start with this:

So Delicious Coconut Milk

I don't know about you, but milk is one of those staple products I always have in my fridge. I drink it with granola, on its own, in a latte, use it for sauces, use it for baking, etc. So I used to just use soy, but then realized that over-soy-ing my life isn't a good idea.

So I've been branching out. I didn't like hemp milk, almond milk was ok, rice milk was too watery, and hazelnut milk tasted like pee.

Then I found this coconut milk stuff on sale at Whole Foods. I decided to try it.

I once had this TERRIBLE experience with Malibu rum (back when I didn't know how to drink responsibly) and ever since then, the smell of coconut has made me want to throw up. Needless to say, I was very concerned about buying this coconut milk.

But alas, there's a picture of Jillian Michaels on it, which means that if I drink this stuff I will be immediately badass.

Also, there are only 80 calories in a cup of it. It's also full of fat, but it's full of GOOD fats. Delightful. :-]

So I tried it. I LOVED IT. It's SUPERRRRRRRRR creamy, it only has a very very light coconut aftertaste (and it's not the fake coconut taste, which apparently is what makes me want to barf), it tastes light, and it's a perfect WHITE COLOR! A vegan milk that's white, not an off-white or yellow or brown?! AWESOME!

But seriously, the creaminess is what sold me. It's literally the creamiest milk I've ever had.

So I've gotten in the habit of making coconut lattes with agave nectar.

It's pretty much my favorite. :-]



  1. Thank you for the delicious review, Abbie! We are delighted to hear that you're enjoying our Coconut Milk so much! A coconut latté sounds heavenly. I might have to go make one right now. :)

  2. here in malaysia, we use fresh coconut milk as a sumptious ingredient as gravy for cooking dishes.
    wow ! coconut milk latte ? now i am learning from you. decided to be your follower, will visit again, do comment on my foodie box ok... have a nice day, your blog is great and congrats for being featured

  3. My husband is allergic to tree nuts, so almond milk is out. My kids and I bought the Chocolate version of SO Delicious Coconut Milk. They really enjoyed it and hope I buy it again soon. Next we're going to try comparing a different canned brandf to see which we like best.

  4. I have the Boston and Philadelphia versions of that Starbucks mug! :)

    I found your website searching for reviews of So Delicious coconut milk. I recently bought the unsweetened one and didn't like it, but maybe I should try the regular, or maybe it's just a matter of taste. My current favorite non-dairy milk is Blue Diamond Almond-coconut milk, but it's not organic :/

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