Saturday, July 9, 2011

Product Review: Kimchi

There's an Asian grocery store down the street from my apartment. It's called Uwajimaya.

The awesome thing about Uwajimaya is that it's probably the biggest Asian grocery store I've seen in the United States (and I think it holds some record as being the biggest on the West Coast or something).

For us vegans, this place is PARADISE. So many Asian countries just so happen to be vegan-friendly, and therefore a lot of vegan products lie hidden on Uwajimaya's shelves!

If there's one Korean food I love most, it's definitely kimchi. What is kimchi?

There are many different varieties of kimchi, but generally it is a fermented napa cabbage dish with all kinds of delightful spices. It's usually bright red because it is most often made with chili peppers. It's delightful!

It also smells kind of strong, which freaks many people out. (After all, how can something fermented NOT smell strong?)

So Uwajimaya has a WHOLE refrigerated section devoted to kimchi....

I died.

I also almost bought one of the massive buckets of kimchi at the bottom (for $19.99 I could eat kimchi every day for WEEKS!)

Alas, I resisted. I bought a wee little bowl of it and was please with my serving.

Kimchi is generally served alone and since it's super salty, I usually eat it as a nice little treat. However, it's definitely NOT bad for you. "Health" magazine even rated it as one of the top five "World's Healthiest Foods". It's low in calories, high in fiber and high in various vitamins from the veggies.

Try it!


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