Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wheatball Sub (Sorta-Kinda)

I realized I never actually followed up with the wheatball sub I made a while ago.

The official recipe was from Vegan On The Cheap.

So I made the wheatballs from Vegan On The Cheap (and that adventure can be witnessed here:

I also made the marinara sauce from Vegan On The Cheap and will be posting all about that a little later, when I upload the pictures. You can always buy some marinara sauce, though. :)

Finally, I made the cheezy sauce from Vegan A Go-Go! and that adventure can be witnessed here:

So have you ever had a meatball sub, back in your carnivorous days? Because if you remember what that's like, it's easy to replicate it with these ingredients. Just put some wheatballs, cheezy sauce, and marinara sauce on a toasted bun. Thanks, Vegan On The Cheap, for such straightforward directions! :)

I could NOT, for the life of me, find vegan sub rolls though. I must have been looking for an hour at three different grocery stores. And NONE to be found. :( If anyone knows of any brands, let me know! I didn't check Whole Foods so I guess I'll try that next time.

Since I had no rolls, I kinda just threw all this together on a plate and ate it like that. The innards of a wheatball sub. :)

Now imagine that on a nicely toasted, warm, wheat roll....DELICIOUS.

It felt so delightfully decadent!




Deliciousness: 5/5
If only I had found some vegan rolls! Alas, it was still simply DELIGHTFUL and satisfying. The combination of the nutty-cheesy flavor of the sauce with the fresh tomato-y flavor of the marinara with the spicey wheatballs was freaking awesome. No other way to describe it but: Italian Decadence On A Plate.

Ease of Preparation: 5/5
As long as you have wheatballs, marinara sauce, and cheezy sauce on hand, this is easy as HELL to slap together.

Prettiness: 5/5
Now this wasn't on a roll...but I can imagine it on a roll...and it's pretty schmexy.

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