Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Volunteer Trip to Europe!

Good afternoon, blogging buddies.

I haven't talked much about it on my blog, because I haven't been posting much in general on my blog...but I have an amazing trip coming up.

My best friend Mahalia and I will be volunteering on organic farms in Europe for about 8 months.

We will be leaving on September 4th and coming home in late April of next year.

Both of us come from weird family situations that make going to college at this point in our lives financially irresponsible. However, we both really want to feel productive and do something with ourselves in the time that we have to wait until we can be independent on our FAFSA's.

So we're using wwoof.org to travel to Europe and volunteer at a variety of farms, to help people out and to learn new skills. We will also be busking with our instruments along the way.

Since I'd really love to be a nutritionist one way, I'm excited about the opportunity to work with food from the ground up (pun intended!) I feel like this is not only an amazing way to see the world and connect with new people, but also an amazing learning experience for me.

Mahalia's considering pursuing music or working with animals, so this is obviously a fantastic way for her to learn if either of those paths would be suitable for her.

We've made a little fundraising page.

Our fundraising page!

If you feel inspired to donate to our cause, please do! We want to work with and for the community! Hopefully we can also get a little boost from our own communities to get out there and achieve this goal.

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