Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Having A Dog In Seattle

So, having a dog is changing the way I view a lot of things. I have to be responsible for another living thing, which is terrifying but also exciting. Is this how new parents feel??!

Fist of all, I now have a list of things I need to set Jackson up for:
1. Get him neutered.
2. Get him registered with the city of Seattle.
3. Update his microchip.
4. Get him a vet.

I also have to figure out what kinds of cool things I can do with him! I have been spending the last five years of adult living with just little ol' me, so it's going to be weird to adjust some of the things I do to include a dog. For instance, I take a lot of fucking walks. Like, a LOT. Seattle's a very walkable city, and I like to play outside in pretty parks and whatnot. So it works that I have him because he'll be a well-walked dog! And black labs need lots of walking, for sure.

But I now have to figure out where all the off-leash dog parks are around here! That way Jackson can play freely. I found this list online:

Off Leash Dog Parks! Woo!

And now I have to go exploring....I have been to the I-5 colonnade park, so I know where that one is (and it's kind of close!), but I want to explore the others!

Plus, once I get him to be better on a leash, I can potentially take him on jogs with me.


I will also now be one of those people who sits outside of coffeeshops so Jackson can hang out with me while I study. :-]

This is weird. But cool.

Responsibilities, man! It's the BEST!

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